Troubleshooting the Top 3 Common Ecig Tank Issues

Jul 15th 2016

Every day we have customers coming into our store or emailing us about tank issues and we decided to go over a few of the most common issues people have and how to deal with them.

1. Leaking

A leaking tank is the most common issue with tanks. It can also be the most frustrating, but luckily these problems are often easily fixed.

First things first, check your seals and o-rings. Make sure they are undamaged and in the right place.

The most likely issue is not enough power to the coil. Every time you draw air through it, you're bringing more ejuice onto the coil. If it's not getting hot enough to vaporize that eliquid before you bring more in, it will flood and start leaking. It could start gurgling and spit juice back as well.

Many if not most coils will list on the packaging and possibly the coil itself the ideal wattage or voltage. 4.2 volts is usually a safe bet for most coils but some coils can be fired higher than that or lower than that.

The process of saturating your coil before use is called "priming." If you overprime your coil, it will leak into the base of your tank. Once there's a channel of eliquid into the base, it will continuously flow. Priming your coils in a napkin to catch the excess will stop a lot of leaking issues.

The ratio of PG and VG in your vape juice can also be a factor here. VG is much thicker and viscous than PG. Subohm coils typically don't do as well with higher PG blends. 50/50 blends work fine in most tanks without issue. If you have an ejuice subscription like Zamplebox, you often don't get a choice in ratio so make sure you check your bottles carefully.

2. Won't fire

Typically when a tank won't fire, it's because it's not making connection properly or the coil itself has stopped working.

First things first, make sure your coil is screwed in tight. Coils can be loosened while unscrewing your tank to refill juice and sometimes just enough to make it not make connection.

If the connections are good, your coil may have just gone out. Sometimes the heating elements in the coil can break and then the coil is shorted out. Put in a new coil and you should be good to go

3. Tastes burnt

The most likely cause is your coil is past it's useful life. Deposits build up on the coil and cotton over time and eventually that taste becomes more prominent than the flavor you're vaping. Replace your coil when this happens. Most coils have a useable life of anywhere between a few days to a few weeks depending on the coil and how much you vape.

If this is a new coil, the wattage or voltage could be set too high for your coil or it hasn't been primed properly. Always make sure the wicking material is fully saturated before using your coil for the first time. 4.2 volts is again going to be a safe sweet spot for most coils. Check packaging or the manufacturers site for wattage and voltage ranges.

Juice viscosity can also be a factor here, not all tanks can handle high VG liquids. It results in the wicking action not keeping up with how much you vape. Most subtanks handle max VG just fine, but older tanks typically won't.

This isn't an exhaustive list of problems or fixes, but it covers the issues we see the most. If you're still having issues with your tank, head to your local vape shop. They can likely help you out with your issue at zero cost assuming nothing is broken. If they aren't willing to help you with your problems, then it's time to start shopping for a new vape shop.