About Us

Vape Dudes is exactly what it sounds like: a group of dudes and dudettes that eats, sleeps and breathes (especially breathes) all things vape. Our goal is to make the best eJuice we possibly can. Every bottle of Vape Dudes eJuice is carefully hand-crafted to the taste of each individual customer, with options available for all preferences.

All the magic happens in our air-purified, elements-controlled clean room, making sure our product is top-quality with Heisenberg-level purity. Our team spends its time making sure that every step of the eJuice manufacturing process is given great consideration, assisted by tunes, good times and laughs.We have very steep standards not only for our eJuice, but also in our taste for offering the best vaping hardware in the world.

Vape Dudes is as real as our eJuice, and being a Vape Dude or Vape Dudes customer guarantees use of only the finest ingredients, finest preparation process and highest product quality. Down to earth and all about our craft, Vape Dudes has become a name synonymous with the best the vaping world has to offer.