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Vape Dudes - Crafting the best Vape Juice since 2010
for e Juice and e Liquid lovers worldwide

Greetings from the Vape Dudes, creators of fine gourmet e Juice for use in electronic cigarettes. All of our vape juice is handcrafted by the Vape Dudes in our clean room in Dallas, Texas, USA with American-sourced materials. At Vape Dudes, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and are committed to offering the very best quality e Juice on the market.
Since we entered the e Liquid industry back in 2010, our focus has always been on the customer. We believe the freedom to choose is what people deserve in a vape shop.

If you are having issues with your order and age verification, please email help@bluecheck.me with the subject line "I need to be manually verified due to a technical issue." The service is open 24 hours a day so please feel free to email anytime. To avoid the age verification process after going through it once, please login to your account.

Some of Our Featured e Juice Products