Vape Dudes Naturals' Tiramisu brilliantly executes the subtleties of this dessert!

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Review by Manuela Flint
Horrible taste, nothing close to Tiramisu. Was very disappointed. (Posted on 12/2/13)
Review by William York
Maybe it's because I got this in 70% pg, but it's really harsh on my throat. Even though I marked "extra flavor" I'm just not getting much. It doesn't have much of a scent either. I've had this juice for 24 hours and I still don't know how I feel about it. Won't be ordering this flavor again. (Posted on 10/23/13)
Review by Billy Garner
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. The flavor is different each time I vape, and getting better with time. But I am not sure if I'd call it tiramisu. (Posted on 5/6/13)
Review by Dylan Isbell
I LOVE Tiramisu... but I am not the biggest fan of this vape. Im going to let it steep more and maybe mix it so it isn't a waste. (Posted on 1/14/13)
Review by Tina Seamon
My all-time favorite dessert is Tiramisu, so I was SUPER excited to try this! At first, I admit, I thought it tasted nothing like the revered Italian dessert, so I put it away and continued vaping with my other juice. I got it back out today, just for s&g, and WOW! After allowing it to steep for a while, the flavor REALLY came out! I can taste the rum, chocolate, espresso, even the lady fingers! Moral of the story, good things come to those who wait! Definitely going to be a staple in my future orders! (Posted on 11/29/12)
Review by Charles Moore
I love Tiramisu and was thinking this will be a great flavor to vape. I tried Dripping it worst juice I ever tasted. I thought it might be the dripping so I filled a clean new CE2 still horrible taste. Then I thought let me steep it that might help nope just got worst. Will never buy this juice again. Going to offer it to someone else at vaporcon2012 for free. (Posted on 9/30/12)
Review by sandra kelman
Oh yes this is a gorgeous vape, it has a lovely blend of flavours with the espresso coming out in front and leaves a pleasant aftertaste and lovely aroma.q82e10 ordered extra flavour at standard PG/VG ratio. (Posted on 7/16/12)
Review by B. Orr
I ordered the extra flavor and BOY IS IT THERE! You can taste everything from the cocoa, to the espresso, and the amaretto and brandy that would be in a real slice of tiramisu! FANTASTIC! Not too overwhelming and a very pleasant aroma I may add! My husband loves the smell of this vape! Will most definitely purchase again! (Posted on 5/31/12)

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NATURALS - Tiramisu

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Vape Dudes Naturals' Tiramisu brilliantly executes the subtleties of this dessert!

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