White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie...awesome

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Review by Greg Mowry
This is an all day vape for me. I just went through a 50 mil bottle and am ordering another one. its an amazing mixer it makes any flavor taste like cookie. try mixing this with island coconut its like a perfect maccaroon add a little bananas foster and its heaven in a vape. mad respect to the master mixers here at vape dudes. (Posted on 2/20/14)
Review by nicholas rickman
Touchy at times, I don't always get white chocolate. I always get a very delectable cookie though. Along with strawberry cheesecake this is very much an ADV for me. I would recommend this one to anyone. (Posted on 2/5/14)
Review by thomas reeder
Not the best really didn't taste like a cookie at all but it was OK vapeable good vapor from it sucks I bought the 100ml thinking I will love it but it did all get use I gave lot of it away (Posted on 1/23/14)
Love The Dude. Thought the Bavarian Cream was my favorite. Well, the Dude has taken the forefront along with Vanilla Coffee.. Tastes just like a creamy cookie. Ordered a 30 mil bottle of Bavarian Cream and wish it were The Dude even though I like the Bavarian Cream. Tastes a bit like Cookie dough mixed with white chocolate.. Can't wait to try some of the other flavors that are steeping in my drawer.. (Posted on 12/17/13)
Review by Kara
This has to be the single best flavor I have ever tried. Its sweet, its smooth and taste just like the cookie. I have this in my Splitfire on an ego Twist at 4.0 volts. YUMMY!!! (Posted on 12/9/12)
Review by Adam T
I got this with the order I made a while ago. I vaped this and couldn't put it down until I had no choice cause I was out. Sweet savory flavor. Soo good. Deffinitly a reorder in a 39 ml (Posted on 10/26/12)
Review by vs
I wasnt sure just how I would like this but I gave it a shot and loved it. The cookie smell and taste is awesome. I too get alot of vanilla extract flavor in there but its mixed with all the other goodness and it works well. Not an all day vape for me..i just cant do the sweet all day. But i still love it! (Posted on 8/8/12)
Review by jasmin
Tried a clearomizer worth of my bf's dude eliquid, and i was quite impressed. To me it almost tasted more like a peanut butter cookie mixed with vanilla extract. Good in my book! I'll be ordering my own soon. (Posted on 7/11/12)
Review by JoAnn B.
I ordered this with extra flavor and I'm glad I did. The flavors are subtle but you know they're there. I think the flavors will come out even more if I let it "steep" for a few more days. Good job! (Posted on 3/27/12)
Review by Sandi Murphy
You can almost crunch on this one, it's lightly sweet with hints of macadamia and white chocolate. (Posted on 3/18/12)

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White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie...awesome

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