It's sweet; it's tart; it's great. *Citrus is known to crack polycarbonate (DCT, CE4) tanks occasionally. We suggest using Texas Tuff Tanks (made of polypro, which is uncrackable).

Customer Reviews

Review by Tiffany Graham
I got my Sweet Tart with a splash of sour apple and extra flavor 50/50 and It is YUM - I did a fast steep on it cuz I couldn't wait to try it and I ♥ it, I know it'll be even better after steeping!! Might be my favorite flavor yet!! (Posted on 3/4/14)
Review by Jennifer Bridges
Tastes just like the real thing!!! I got apple standard and love this for after meals when I really need something sweet but don't want the extra calories or sugar. (Posted on 2/5/14)
Review by Brandy Harvey
Taste just like candy...perfect for anyone who loves a sweet taste! In my opinion one of the best!!! (Posted on 12/15/13)
Review by Jason Conner
I love cherry sweet tarts - so I got a splash of cherry and extra flavor. I love it! I will order 10 gallons of this! (Posted on 11/21/13)
Review by Philip Alvarez
This was the first juice i tried for my first ever order & at first this flavor underwhelmed. After about a day & a half of steeping, the flavor kicked in big time & wow I am amazed. Tastes exactly like the candy & i may order this one again & thankfully without extra flavor as I thought this would need. (Posted on 9/21/13)
Review by Gina Barton
I love the idea of having the customer pick the flavor addition. I picked grape and it gave it an awesome flavor! (Posted on 9/17/13)
Review by Raymond Ramirez
Ordered 30 ml, 24 mg, standard flavor and standard vg/pg mix. Added Apple. Got it today, vapedudes it and as soon as vapedudes come back from vacation I will be ordering 100ml. The best vape and flavor I've had. Great job dudes. Keep it up! I am a vapedudes loyal costumer!!!! (Posted on 6/26/13)
Review by Jessica Walsh
This is PERFECT! I have tried a few other Sweet Tart and this is the most true and absolutely delicious! I had Strawberry added and it was great too! A Must have, All day Vape! I got 70VG/30PG Extra and wouldn't change a thing! Ordering more now!! VapeDudes is truly amazing! (Posted on 6/10/13)
Review by Nathan
My All day Vape. Extra Flavor W/Cherry. (Posted on 6/6/13)
Review by Christopher
This is the one that started it all for me! When I got my first ecig, my friend had a couple ml left in his bottle and let me have it... It was my first try of Vape Dudes, and I was sold. This tastes JUST like Sweet Tarts and is absolutely delicious if you like the sweet, candy flavors. It has a smooth, sweet taste, and is one I will continue to order time and time again. I vaped it for a week straight when I first got it. Even when I tried other flavors, I was always coming back to this. I couldn't get enough. (Posted on 2/21/13)
Review by Franklin Roberts
My first taste I hated this one. It tasted very perfumey. Whats surprising is now this is my #1 favorite juice that I tried so far. It even has that powdery flavor that sweet tart have. This is awesome. Works with extra flavor too. (Posted on 2/5/13)
Review by Michael
This is a good flavor, however I wish I would have added a fruit flavor, which I couldn't do because I added this to a Texas Tuff tank order on the page and there's not a fruit option, therefore, it just a citrus flavor which is not bad its good, just no out there fruit flavor like sweet tarts have. I think I will order another of this, but with raspberry since I like blue sweet tarts the most. (Posted on 2/1/13)
Review by Angie Whipp
I'm usually more of a menthol vaper but I decided to try this and it tastes just like sweet tarts! I love it! I've been vaping on it since I got it earlier today and just can't put it down. (Posted on 1/17/13)
Review by james chapman
I loved the sweet tarts,as a child. I do not know how they did it,but this taste just like sweet tarts. It is a dry,powdery vape. I was not going to try this,as I did not think they could duplicate the taste. I get xtra flavor,on all my juices,vape 11 mg. from a Texas tuff tank. (Posted on 1/13/13)
Review by B
I have tried a lot of flavors and this is my favorite. they got this flavor perfect. also very good when mixed with fruit flavors. (Posted on 12/23/12)
Review by Mauivapor
I got the 11mg 70% pg 30% vg. Added extra watermelon to it. I think I should of tried the standard at first. With the extra watermelon it's kind of like vaping a floral liquid. I didn't like it much. I will try to order the standard next time. (Posted on 12/23/12)
Review by Jason
Tastes just like sweet tarts. Somehow they even got it to be slightly chalky like the candy. My wife's favorite. (Posted on 11/30/12)
Review by Billy
Sweet and tart, flavor is spot on the candy. (Posted on 9/9/12)
Review by Matthew VanHook
Taste like sweet tarts, both the sweet and the tart. Flavor is spot on. (Posted on 6/24/12)
Review by Leslie Taylor-Dennemann
I love this one!!! It is true to its name.. I really like this straight all by itself and I like to mix it with other fruit flavors to bring them to life. This is one I WON'T want to run out of. EXCELLENT Job Vapedudes!!! (Posted on 6/7/12)
This was a GREAT flavor to try! I swear it tastes like the candy! I like a sweet vape so I added a bit of "Cotton Candy" to it to sweeten it up and WOW!!!!! I love this liquid! (50/50, 16mg with extra flavor) Not much of a TH until I added my cotton candy. Yummmmmmm! (Posted on 6/6/12)
Review by LeAnn Spencer
Just loaded my tank up with sweet tart....first puff blew me away! I feel like I have the candy in my mouth!! The tang of it almost makes my mouth water! If u are a fan of the candy then u will like this juice. It even smells good in the bottle! Can taste the orange flavor on the exhale. Sooooo yummy! (Posted on 5/23/12)

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It's sweet; it's tart; it's great.

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