With our Lemonade flavor you don't have to squeeze a bag of lemons yourself to enjoy this classic drink. Our Lemonade tastes just like a glass of, well, Lemonade!

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Review by Jonathan LaLiberty
Lemonade flavor 24mg, 50/50 has been my worst experience with an eJuice so far. I didn't see that it could crack the clearomizer, and lost 2 brand new ones to the juice cracking it. I was able to vape it even with the crack and it tasted like a unsweetened chic fila lemonade. Needs a bit of sweet to balance it out even after a month, it still tastes like a chemical cleaner. (Posted on 11/25/12)
Review by Laura
Tasty vape. Just like lemonade. The flavor is spot on. (Posted on )
Review by Sandi Murphy
This tastes just like the lemonade you'd get at the fair in the summertime, really really good! (Posted on )
Review by Stephen Berardelli
Picture yourself sitting on your pool deck with a bunch of friends and you reach for the Lemonade.Take a drink and you get that tart but sweet refreshing drink.This is what the vape makes me think about while vaping it.It's a must try.. (Posted on )
Awesome flavor!!! This tastes just like the fresh squeezed lemonade you would get at the State Fair! I vaped this juice as soon as it arrived...I'm going to need to order the BIG bottle of this flavor :) (Posted on )
Review by Greg W.
I will definitely need to order more of this. The flavor is exactly the same as those frozen Italian Ices you get in the summer. Very lemony and not too sweet or tart. No aftertaste. Just really, really pleasant. (Posted on )
Review by Mike VanBrocklin
I have tried many Lemon or Lemonade flavors from many different vendors over the past 3 years of vaping.. this one is hands down the best! A very clean, natural flavor. (Posted on )
Review by Jesica Dock
I ordered this as 30/70, Extra Flavor, 11mg. Tastes just like it should, though I realized after vaping it for a while that I'm not as much of a lemonade fan as I thought. Not the juice's fault, just a personal preference. (Posted on )
Review by Caryn Jahn
Where do I start on how delicious this stuff is??? It really feels like you're drinking a glass of lemonade! I got it in 50/50 16mg extra flavor and it is perfect. It does mess with my tank though. Clouds it up, but no cracking! Be careful if you use a ce4 or 5. Who needs a tank with this stuff anyways.....just hook up the IV.'s really that good!!! (Posted on )
Review by Diane Rateike
So I got it, I tried and thought, eh, it's okay. Tried it again, get vaping and POW! Awesome! The more I vaped it the better I loved it! It really does taste exactly like lemonade! Could use just a touch of suger, but still it's delicious, just like I used to get at the county fair. Yum! Ya gotta try it! First lemonade I tried, don't need to try anything else! (Posted on )
Review by Tiffany Murphy
I thought VD Strawberry Lemonade was the best ever. This is a strong contender to be sure. I will definitely be ordering MORE! Taste just like lemonade and you won't regret giving it a go. (Posted on )
Review by Christopher Love
I ordered 16mg 30PG/70VG with extra flavor. This has such a satifying throat hit, delicious flavor, and the vapor production is outstanding. I definitely recommend this! (Posted on )
Review by Jacquilin McNichols
I really like raspberry lemonade, but this has become my new favorite. You can really taste the lemon with extra flavor, wish it was a bit sweeter, but really good nevertheless. (Posted on )

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With our Lemonade flavor you don't have to squeeze a bag of lemons yourself to enjoy this classic drink. Our Lemonade tastes just like a glass of, well, Lemonade!

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